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By this time you should have visited your local dealer and have all the numbers necessary to accurately calculate your lease. If not you might need our Premium Service.

Enter whole dollar amounts.

Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price. This is the price on the window sticker of the car PLUS addons that may be residualized.
Capitalized Cost
The price you are paying for the vehicle.

Cap Reduction
If you were purchasing a car you would call it down payment.

Acquisition Fee

This is a bank fee. All leasing banks charge it. It usually runs between $350 and $795 depending on the make of car. Check very carefully to confirm this number
Residual Percentage

The projected value of the car at the end of the lease. This number will be given to you as a a percentage.
Term (months)

How long the lease is to last.
Money Factor

The interest you pay on the lease.
Security Deposit

May or may not be required.
Use Tax

You could call it sales tax, but it's not. Is the tax you pay, monthly, on the use of the vehicle.
License Fees

Your dealer or leasing company can give you an idea, but at this point it is only to achieve a cummulative total.

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